Sepura launches comms auditing app


Sepura has developed RadioAudit, which it describes as a “simple, effective tool to improve radio auditing.”

According to the company, the app automates the process of checking a device’s security status, as well as verifying its owner. The solution also generates reports to “ensure compliance with security and other regulatory requirements.”

Discussing the product, a spokesperson said: “The app incorporates built-in reminders, the ability to pre-set schedules for regular audit checks, and easy to use forms on the radios for data entry by each owner. Built-in analytic tools enable administrators to view and query the collected audit data, with the option to export to Excel when required.”

Sepura regional sales director for northern Europe, Gary Maughan, said: “RadioAudit is another example of Sepura working with user organisations to offer intelligent solutions to everyday problems. [The product] removes a huge administrative burden on fleet administrators, ensuring they can concentrate on supporting radios users in their operations.”

The RadioAudit solution is designed to work across both new and legacy Sepura radios.

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