Mongolian government's new narrowband system


Airbus is providing a new TETRA system to the Mongolian authorities.

The technology - which has been rolled out in collaboration with the company’s local partner Vertexmon - will provide an end-to-end solution for governmental operations in the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar. It will consist of a core switch, base station, dispatcher, as well as radio handsets.

Speaking of the roll-out, Airbus’ head of the Asia-Pacific region, Marko Tiesmaki, said: “We are honoured to gain a new customer and pilot such a project in Mongolia. In the flourishing Asia-Pacific region, more and more companies and institutions are turning to us for our secure communications solutions.”

According to Airbus, implementation of the new technology will begin at the end of this year. It will replace the current legacy analogue system.

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