BWV to cover all England’s strategic roads


National Highways has announced plans to equip traffic officers across 4,300 miles of roads with VB400 body-worn video cameras (BWV) from Motorola Solutions.

Officers will wear the body-worn cameras while conducting patrols across England’s strategic road network (SRN) which comprises 4,300 miles of motorway and major roads.

Mel Clarke, customer service director of National Highways, said: “Our traffic officers patrol England’s motorways and major roads 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are at the frontline to keep people safe and help the network run smoothly.

“The body-worn cameras protect citizens and our traffic officers and are now part of the officer’s uniform. This investment forms part of our commitment to maintaining the safety of England’s roads and providing greater operational visibility for our staff and the general public.”

According to Motorola, the rugged VB400 is designed to withstand "rigorous use in all situations" and in all weather and light conditions. The deployment also included its VideoManager evidence management software.

Fergus Mayne, Motorola’s UK & Ireland manager, said: “The VB400 body-worn cameras are developed locally in the UK and will support the safety of millions of passengers who drive across England’s major roads during the day and night.

“By deploying the cameras to all traffic officers, National Highways has committed to the highest levels of safety for everyone who travels and works on the roads.”

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