Genaker (ESI Mobile Solutions)

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Genaker (ESI Mobile Solutions)

Genaker is a company with a long history in the development and deployment of Push to Talk over Cellular comms, with over 13 years of experience.

It's service has radio communications built-in at the core of its design concept - arising from a walkie-talkie paradigm - and puts the professional and demanding user at the center of its product strategy.

Genaker PTT constitutes a solution aligned with the new 3GPP MCPTT architecture (Mission Critical PTT) and has repeatedly obtained the backing of the European Commission for it's commitment to a truly standard-based and interoperable MCPTT.

The Genaker PTT solution is used today to support Business Critical and Mission Critical operations based on public and/or dedicated network infrastructure in different projects worldwide, from Public Safety and Critical Infrastructures to Energy, Oil&Gas and Transportation, to name a few.


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