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In the world of automated messaging, handling simplex dialogue is routine. Everyone is used to a ‘one-in-one-out’ system. Managing multiple conversations, simultaneously, is not possible without the patented Boomerang threaded technology. This innovative capability that is at the heart of the newly launched Boomalert, Boomcast and Boomerang Triage products allows the user to maintain several threads of messaging between the automated hub and the far end recipients. Gone are the days of waiting for one reply before sending the next message. Messages can be sent, opened, replied to and processed in any order, irrespective of the order that they were originated. This leap forward in an established technology has proved a real force multiplier among Boomerang’s clients, allowing them to increase throughput of messaging and streamline processes – all of which improves efficiency and tempo, in critical situations. The suite of Boomerang products are ideally suited to Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Incident Alerting and Management. The addition of threaded technology into Boomerang’s communication toolset does not affect the cost of the existing service radically. Even with this winning technology offered in all of Boomerang’s messaging solutions, Boomerang remains highly competitively priced within its market. Boomerang is a UK based company but with its cloud based products is able to meet a global demand, quickly and efficiently.

Boomerang’s patented threaded technology provides a welcome leap forward from existing messaging technology and formats. This recent adaptation to how messaging can be utilised is simple and highly effective. It proves that the simple ideas are sometimes the best!


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