TASSTA is excited to announce and explain the advantages of its features, working in cooperation with JRC, one of the TASSTA’s partners who offers Stand Alone LTE solutions that basically contribute to critical communication environments. LTE network is functional for military, catastrophic situations, among others. TASSTA from its part, offers a server that is installed in JRC’s base station on the same note, allowing the network to communicate on a separate way. This cooperation fulfills any critical communications mission thanks to the Stand Alone Push-to-Talk environment that TASSTA offers.

Additionally, there are other TASSTA features like Messaging, GPS Localization, Indoor Communication, Group Call, Individual Call, Priority Call and Emergency Call, as well as a Yellow Alarm, Periodic Check, Lone Worker Protection and some others, that are definitely valuable for critical communication upbringings.

JRC and its LTE network, provides data in the air which could be sometimes useless, when there is no support in any app. TASSTA, from its side, believes that in a professional communication environment, all its features give a significant support to all the needs of any user in critical communications, no matter what the situation is.

As it is known, TASSTA comes from RADIO environment and with this Radio Gate Base is even possible to integrate this Stand Alone LTE Note to different kind of radio networks which are normally based on the ground and might be in use during any emergency situation or any catastrophe environment.

TASSTA counts with the T.Bridge Gateway to the radio, supporting: KENWOOD, MOTOTRBO, HYTERA, SEPURA, DAMM, TAIT, ICOM


Communication, Organization and Security



Kaveh Hosseinzadeh



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