The use of multimedia emergency communication for integrated Public Safety

16 May 2018      15.00-16.00

Markus Seifter Domain Sales Manager, Frequentis AG

Society’s communication behavior is determined by instant exchange of information, anytime, anywhere. Multimedia communication in a networked world is part of our life and taken for granted.

This also applies to Public Safety services. Communication is not just voice-based anymore. People expect that they can get in touch with a PSAP via various channels, such as video or text. Professionals want to use new technologies, e.g. mobile broadband, that help them to be more flexible and obtain situational awareness.

Next generation control centres will have to act as a multimedia hub, enabling multi-channel conversations, both to stay in contact with the public in need and with the professionals out there ready to help.

Moreover, versatile collaboration platforms help control rooms to gain a common operational picture. The sharing and exchange of information between stakeholders is the added value.

The presentation will focus on examples of how such an integrated Public Safety works.

Key points/themes:

  • The control centre as a multimedia hub
  • Collaboration to facilitate a common operational picture
  • Multi-channel services for mission critical communication