Microsoft connected patrol car

17 May 2018      14.00-15.00

Alex Grubb, Account Technology Strategist, Microsoft

Microsoft Patrol Car is a joint effort between Worldwide Public Sector Government Public Safety and Justice, OEM partners and Microsoft Partners. Microsoft Patrol Car is currently demonstrated on a Ford Police Interceptor SUV and Chevy Tahoe branded to represent Microsoft technologies and partners. This patrol car features cutting-edge hardware, software, Windows Apportals and Azure Cloud integration.

Specifically designed to show the future of mobile law enforcement and its interaction with technology, this project is a use case for the Microsoft Azure Government platform and Windows Devices. It strengthens Microsoft partner ties and external partnerships, all forces coming together to build a better tomorrow for law enforcement.

Today’s data management challenge in law enforcement is that police are gathering more data and keeping it longer than ever, thus taking resources away from other missions. There is a great need for change and since law enforcement is highly influenced by contemporary technology, both internally and externally, the time is now. With this change, will come information sharing and live-stream video, which is pertinent to officer safety, and allows officers to get reactive information and adapt to the new age of technology.