LTE for public safety and the digital radio-gateway-interface in Germany

15 May 2018      14.00-15.00

Felix Wiederspahn, CEO, Accellonet GmbH

We can observe that the services we are using over TETRA today are basically equal to those that had been provided by analogue radio - multicast and short messages. These same services will again be needed in an upcoming broad band radio. It would be desirable if these services could easily be combined with TETRA, LTE or other henceforth standards. Eventually the available services are crucial for relief units, not the radio standard.

Control room systems must enable dispatchers to focus entirely on handling rescue calls and emergencies. The dispatcher must not be bothered with the idiosyncrasies of miscellaneous radio systems. The services he uses should be standardized and completely independent of the subjacent radio or communication system. And control rooms and officers in the field should be able to communicate and cooperate over several transmission networks.

Key points/themes:

  • Control rooms
  • Digital Radio Gateway Interface
  • Public Safety and LTE