The sound of silence: Radio communications in the age of the changing control room

16 May 2018      13.00-14.00

Reinard van Loo Domain Sales Manager, Frequentis AG

At the end of the day, a PSAP’s job is to provide the best possible service to the public. And this service is not something static; but continuously evolving and changing -nowadays faster than ever- to take into account new technological developments, best practices and expectations of the public. In providing this service, radio communications are radically changing and the reliance on voice is on the way out. In this presentation we will look at the role of radio communications in the changing world of control room operations by shortly discussing the following topics:

-Speaking is silver, silence is golden: Use the information from your intake (NG112, webchat/forms, social media, video) and make them available to front line officers and vice versa

-Avoiding silence when needed: migrating to new radio systems (e.g. from TETRA to LTE in the UK)

-Let’s not be silent on what is missing here: end-to-end control room standards, collaboration frameworks to break the solution system silos that hinder us.

Key points/themes:

  • Current technology and operational developments result in an ever changing control room environment
  • The importance of the often overlooked missing link between first contact and radio communications
  • The importance of control room focused standards for end-to-end workflow support