The Microsoft AWARE Solution

16 May 2018      11.00-12.00

Jörg Bartholomy, Services Solution Specialist PSNS, Microsoft Deutschland GmbH

The Microsoft Aware Solution empowers agencies to proactively police their communities and venues as they detect, investigate, and collaborate in response to real-time crimes, threats, and hazards. This is done by combining Microsoft technology with various department’s operational knowledge to promote situational awareness and response. Aware uses Microsoft technology to provide an easy-to use way for law enforcement agencies to detect threats, make data-driven decisions, eliminate investigative silos, and automate functions such as intake, analysis, dissemination, and archiving. The Aware Solution can also partner with and integrate with various security system hardware (whether existing or new) such as cameras and license plate recognition software to provide a complete solution.

Key points/themes:

  • Real Time Situational Awareness Solution by Microsoft
  • Detection, Investigation, and Collaboration for Police agencies
  • Partner and integrate with various security system hardware / software