Employee Coaching: Critical contributor to delivering excellent Customer Experience

17 May 2018      10.00-11.00

Michael Süßner Domain Sales Manager, Frequentis AG

The presentation will make the case for Control Centers to take a more ‘balanced’ approach between the investment in new technologies and investing in building the necessary competencies in its people through regular coaching.

Frequentis has recognized the need to provide its customers not only with best in class technologies but also best in class tools that will help to develop high level competencies such as effective questioning, confirming, instilling confidence and reassurance, creating constructive engagement etc. These high level behavioral skills cannot be instilled only by the use of traditional classroom training methods but also through continuous personalized coaching and performance feedback.

Frequentis has recently launched DIVOS Evaluate, a high standard performance measurement and online coaching solution tightly integrated with the logger and will later be followed by additional solutions using Speech and Emotion Analytics. A short demo of DIVOS Evaluate will be included.

Key points/themes:

  • ‘Balanced’ Excellent Customer requires excellent human interaction with the caller
  • Importance of personalized coaching
  • Frequentis response to helping its customers to develop excellent employee competencies