TETRA Radio Communications System and Its Applications on Fully Driverless Mass Rapid Transit System in Singapore

16 May 2018      10.45-11.15

Ibrahim Malik, Deputy Director, Land Transport Authority of Singapore ; Kok Ken Yau, Senior Project Manager, Land Transport Authority of Singapore

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Transport that spearheads land transport developments in Singapore with the mission statement of ‘Connecting People and Places, Enhancing Travel Experience’.

TETRA radio communications solution was first adopted on North-East MRT line (NEL), a fully automated and driverless MRT system since year 1999. With the success of implementation in NEL, the system was subsequently deployed on Circle Line MRT (CCL). Since then, TETRA radio communications solution has become the choice for all the major MRT transportation lines in Singapore.

The primary use of TETRA radio includes the transmission of voice and critical operations data between trains and operation control center such as handling of Passenger Emergency Intercom, transmission of critical faults for rapid fault reporting and broadcasting of public address messages.

Effective from October 2016, LTA has taken over the ownership of all operating assets of CCL (one of the lines) to build up, replace and upgrade the asset in a timely manner.


1. Metro organization in Singapore

2. Main requirements for a supporting Telco platform

3.‎ Use of Tetra in metro operations

4. Tetra network evolution

5. Solution characteristics