Leading edge critical apps

15 May 2018      13:30-16:30

Hannu Aronsson, Head of Applications Technology, Sepura plc; Tero Pesonen, Chair of CCBG, TCCA

Learn about leading edge broadband and TETRA applications and learn how they enhance operations and how the applications were built and implemented, including nationwide whole-force deployments. We hear from leading public safety application deployments in Europe and see in practice how apps help mission critical users. Also included is end user and network operator viewpoint.

During this session attendees will learn:

1. Latest developments in mission critical apps

2. See actual end user deployed applications and how they work

3. Learn about how to get your own app project running and compare procurement options

4. How to deliver apps to your whole force to get the best benefits

5. Discuss trends and future directions for mission critical apps

Welcome and introduction to apps


Hannu Aronsson, Chair, TCCA Applications working group

MEOS2 police broadband smartphone application project & demo


Sandra van Ginkel, Police, Netherlands

PEKE field command and collaboration system and demonstration


Kari Junttila, Rescue College, Finland

Application procurement roadmap from hybrid to broadband


Peter Hudson, Sepura

Panel discussion with speakers


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