Innovating TETRA for the future

15 May 2018      13:30-16:30

Malcolm Quelch, Sepura plc

This session brings you up to date with the latest products and solutions in TETRA as manufacturers continue to compete to deliver the best products and solutions for mission critical users. It touches on the new systems being deployed, those being upgraded, novel uses of TETRA to improve operational efficiency and on how TETRA can be connected with LTE to extend functionality and protect system investment.

A short introduction to TIG and the benefits of TETRA


Malcolm Quelch, Consultant, Sepura plc (a Hytera Company) ; Angelo Benvenuto, Head of Strategic Marketing- Homeland Security & Critical Infrastructures

Innovations in TETRA products and services in the last year


Nicolas Hauswald, Sales and Marketing Director, Etelm ; Phil Woodley, Head of Products-TETRA Devices, Sepura ; Mika Laitinen, Head of TETRA Portfolio, Airbus ; Michael Piciorgros, CEO, Piciorgros ; Raúl Carpio, Sales & Portfolio Strategy Manager, Motorola ; Kjeld Pharao, CEO, DAMM Cellular Systems A/S ; Bernhard Klinger, VP Business development, Hytera ; Angelo Benvenuto, Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure Line of Business Chief Technical Office – Product Manager, Leonardo

New TETRA systems, replacement systems and upgrades worldwide in the last year


Malcolm Quelch, Consultant, Sepura plc (a Hytera Company)

TETRA Connectivity


Jeppe Jepsen, Director of International Business Relations, Motorola Solutions

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