How users can overcome challenges of TETRA and LTE interconnection

16 May 2018      16:30-17:00

Nicolas Hauswald, Director of Sales & Marketing activity, ETELM

In the Mission Critical industry, private LTE has been the hot topic for several years now but very few deployments are witnessed in the field. What are the remaining barriers that prevent users from moving forward with LTE? Is there a way to secure new technology deployments by leveraging the legacy technologies?

TETRA and LTE interconnection raises many challenges to network users, operators and administrators that can be sorted by three categories: technical, operational and financial. During this presentation, the different types of challenges that users are facing will be explained and illustrated by deployment case scenarios.


1. There are two different approaches: Integrated solutions and Interconnected solutions

2. Description of the two approaches

3. Pros and cons in terms of architecture, features, performance, interoperability (and compliance to standards) and costsDURING THIS