TETRA in the SCADA systems and challenges in CLP Power

16 May 2018      16:00-16:30

Terrance Lai, Senior Telecommunications Manager, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

CLP Power Tetra system enables instant, reliable voice communication for field staff, and provides secure narrowband data connectivity for remote control and monitoring in distribution supply system, especially the rural 11kV overhead power circuits.

Through continual enhancement and radio planning, CLP Power Tetra network was tailored that SCADA systems, distribution automation and future broadband applications can be implemented across different Tetra platforms.

By in-house development, tailor-made gateway and testing instruments were developed to tackle signal coverage limitation at strategic locations while integrated solutions were introduced to fully utilize the network capacity and allow the diversity of applications in the network.


1. Architecture of CLP Power Tetra network

2. Applications of Tetra in the mission critical SCADA systems

3. Applications of Tetra in enhancing operation efficiency and safety

4. Development of in-house Tetra solutions to allow diversity of different applications

5. Challenges to Tetra in CLP Power