MCPTT panel: the road ahead

16 May 2018      15:45-16:45

Chaired by Dave Chater-Lea, senior technologist, Motorola Solutions ; David Viamonte, Sales & Marketing Director, Genaker; Harald Ludwig, Technical Forum Chairman, TCCA ; Markku Korkiakoski, Director, Bittium ; Evert Enblom, Service Strategist, Rakel and Management & Control Systems Office

With MCPTT and nationwide LTE public safety projects gaining momentum worldwide (FirstNet, ESN, Safe Net, ...) the technological path toward next generation mission critical communication systems is getting clearer.

However, the specific “hows” and “whens” related to deployment of MCPTT have many variables and dependencies that relate not only to technology but to a number of factors, including operational needs, availability of devices, user experience and form factors, spectrum strategy in different regions of the world and other factors influencing how and when next generation Mission Critical Communication systems will be adopted in the future.


1. What operational aspects need to be taken into account when deploying MCPTT solutions.

2. Key differential aspects when considering MCPTT for business vs mission-critical users.

3. How to position MCPTT to deliver the right value: replace or complement an existing system.