Transforming Transport for London’s surface radio system

16 May 2018      15:30-16:00

Dimitris Kaltakis, Consultant Infrastructure Architect, Transport for London

Transport for London (TfL) are migrating one of Europe’s largest PMR systems (analogue MPT1327) to DMR (digital). A new radio system was required with the capabilities and capacity to protect the bus network performance while funding constraints mandated the reuse of existing resources and assets. These constraints present a huge challenge as the project requires an in-frequency migration while maintaining the fleet of over 9500 buses in operational service. The new system also underpins the long term pan-TfL critical communications strategy which will see all TfL modes transitioning to a common bearer in future years.


1. London bus fleet and system facts

2. Why DMR?

3. How TfL worked around constraints and challenges

4. Bus fleet migration strategy

5. TfL critical communications strategy