Combining critical communications with IoT and big data analytics: new possibilities

16 May 2018      15:30-16:00

Manan Shah, Associate Director, Arup

This paper discusses how new generation of technologies such as LTE-A, IoT sensing and location aware services are opening up new possibilities for use in both city scale public safety as well as major events and keeping public spaces safe. It will discuss how critical communications are integrated and combined in a C3i command and control centre and discuss some of the challenges in achieving this integration. The presentation will also look to the future at how some critical communications combined with IoT and big-data can make public spaces such as major airports and major event spaces safer.


1. Some challenges in achieving C3i integration with communications platforms

2. New possibilities with IoT and big data

3. LTE-A for public safety critical communications and use cases.

4. Applications for major events critical communications