New vertical domain: what will be expected as maritime comes

15 May 2018      15:30-15:55

Hyounhee Koo, Korea

The Republic of Korea will deploy LTE as the communication system for public safety (PS-LTE), railway safety (LTE-R) and maritime safety (LTE-Maritime). LTE-Maritime focus on the improvement of maritime safety, the protection of the marine environment and the promotion of efficiency of shipping. Based on Korean inputs, 3GPP started the feasibility study of supporting maritime communication services over 3GPP system (FS_MARCOM).

This paper describes commonality between public safety and maritime domains to enable mission critical solutions to be applicable to maritime domain as an example on why strategic collaboration among vertical domains is beneficial to public safety domain.


1. New movement in 3GPP for vertical domains

2. 3GPP standardization progress for maritime domain over 3GPP system

3. Strategic collaboration between public safety domain and other vertical domains