Investigation on a realistic speech quality target for digital land mobile radio

17 May 2018      14:45-15:30

Dr Ingo Forkel, Senior Consultant, P3 communications

Delivered Audio Quality (DAQ) is an established criterion for network acceptance in LMR and has been widely used in analogue implementations. However, DAQ is a subjective speech quality measure and usually involves significant testing efforts. Hence, a suitable fully automated replacement is engaged, which allows to objectively assess speech quality in LMR networks. Additionally, mapping of an established DAQ target to the alternative measurement quantity is needed. This work derives a mapping from DAQ to the Mean Opinion Score (MOS) for the Listening Quality Objective (LQO) obtained by Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality (PESQ) based on intensive subjective listening testing.


1. Backgrounds on subjective and objective speech quality testing

2. Speech quality assessment in mobile networks

3. Speech quality metrics and evaluation methods

4. Subjective speech quality testing

5. Derivation of a realistic speech quality target for TETRA networks