Generational change: mission critical communications in a heavy haul railway

16 May 2018      14:30-15:00

Chris Reid, Senior Telecommunications Engineer, Aurizon

Aurizon is replacing four aging analogue radio systems with a single mission critical digital radio network covering Australia’s largest export coal rail network in Central Queensland, Australia.

The digital network will consist of over 70 radio sites and will be one of the largest private Tetra networks in Australia, covering more than 2,600km of track.

The final migration onto the new Tetra network is scheduled for late 2018.


1. The engineering processes and project methodology undertaken by Aurizon from concept to project execution

2. The technology evaluation and selection processes followed by the Aurizon project team that resulted in Tetra

3. The deployment challenges faced by the project team and integrator to design and build a Tetra network in a remote heavy haul railway

4. The system migration challenges when working with third party operators

5. The next stage of development of the Tetra system