PPDR MC mobile broadband network services in the 5G era

16 May 2018      14:30-15:00

Bram van den Ende, Project Manager, TNO

In the face of the expected shortage in dedicated radio spectrum for mission critical mobile communications, TNO has looked into a hybrid service model with a strong emphasis on leveraging the existing, well developed mobile network infrastructures in the Netherlands. We have taken a focus on specific 5G developments which we consider promising for the public safety domain, including the concept of slicing which allows operators to tailor their services to PPDR requirements. We will reflect on how this relates to net neutrality principles.


1. Important aspects when looking at hybrid networking models

2. The 5G promise and expected deliveries; focus on slicing

3. Proposed hybrid solution involving multiple MNO’s

4. Capacity framework to safeguard capacity requirements during calamities

5. Net neutrality aspects in relation to PPDR specific network services