More through put in the national TETRA network

15 May 2018      14.30-15.00

Christine Reinemann, Division TI3 - Standardisation and Service Development, Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS), Germany

To use the advantage of additional control channels and simplify the assignment of radio users, the Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS) introduced a new feature into the national digital TETRA network. Since October 2016 the use of the feature Load-Based SCCH gets more and more acceptance by the German police officers due to the fact that more capacity is available in the network.

The new technology checks the utilisation of the control channels in a base station automatically and selects the least-used control channel. This will be used for the next request. The function can now be used by all authorised offices of the different federal states, by setting the corresponding parameters for SCCH-enabled terminals.

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