Innovations in TETRA products and services in the last year

15 May 2018      1350-1550

Nicolas Hauswald, Sales and Marketing Director, Etelm ; Phil Woodley, Head of Products-TETRA Devices, Sepura ; Mika Laitinen, Head of TETRA Portfolio, Airbus ; Michael Piciorgros, CEO, Piciorgros ; Raúl Carpio, Sales & Portfolio Strategy Manager, Motorola ; Kjeld Pharao, CEO, DAMM Cellular Systems A/S ; Bernhard Klinger, VP Business development, Hytera ; Angelo Benvenuto, Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure Line of Business Chief Technical Office – Product Manager, Leonardo

In the last 12 months companies have continued to bring out innovative products and services using TETRA; no signs of any slow up in this. TIG members describe the innovations they have made in the last year underpinning the continuing development of TETRA product and solutions and highlighting the number of vendors.


1. Operators are using their existing TETRA systems with new data applications to deliver significant improvements in operational efficiency

2.TETRA is a safe, economic investment – it will be around for years

3. Terminals and Infrastructure can be dual mode TETRA and LTE