Mega events: hope for the best, prepare for the worst

16 May 2018      13:45-14:45

Jay Nix, Motorola Solutions Senior Project Manager ; Mr.Zhou Xiaobin, Department Chief, Industry and Information Technology Commission of Guangzhou Municipality ; Martin Benke, Vice President MSSSI

Kim Camps, Motorola Solution

The first part of this panel discussion will be a presentation which will review Motorola Solutions Disaster Response when Hurricane Irma struck the Florida Keys in September 2017. Over the course of one week, beginning days before Hurricane Irma hit, Motorola Solutions' teams were working around the clock to provide immediate support, devices and accessories as well as the equipment needed to repair heavily damaged secure communication networks. With dedication and expertise, it was back online quickly to support the First Responders and residents during the most critical times. Kim Camps walks you through the timeline and extent of the response.


1. What to expect may happen to critical communication networks during a major disaster / major weather event

2. Proactive actions can minimize downtime and get your network up and running

3. Services your provider may offer for preparedness and recovery

4. How to coordinate best practices with neighbouring agencies

Martin Benke, Vice President MSSSI

The second part of this Panel Discussion will focus on short notice special events such as state funerals, which present a different set of challenges for service providers and end users compared to a planned major event like the London Olympics or a Royal Wedding. This session provides insight into the types of activities that need to be undertaken by service providers and by end users prior to, during and after a short notice event by using the example of the service that Airwave provided for the state funeral of Baroness Thatcher, the former UK Prime Minister.


1. Why it is essential to prepare for short notice special events

2. The key factors to be considered by service providers and end users when planning for a short notice special event

3. The type of information that needs to be shared between service providers and end users before and during an event

4. The need for flexibility during the event

5. The importance of learning lessons after the event