5G Panel: what can 5G bring to critical communications?

16 May 2018      13:30-14:30

R. Ezhirpavai, Acting Vice President Technology, Aricent; Georg Mayer, 3GPP Core Network and Terminals TSG (CT) Chairman ; Nada Golmie, Wireless Networks Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

We are aware of how 4G technology has had a significant impact in mission critical communications (MCC) in helping first responders effectively communicate and locating affected people. This insightful session will throw light on how emerging technologies like 5G can be instrumental in real-time access to vital information and help save more lives in critical situations. It will also highlight how key 5G features, such as network slicing, enhanced broadband, narrow band communications, low latency, distributed and stateless architectures, ultra-low latency, can be best utilized for MCC.

Further, the session will reflect on how 5G eliminates efficiencies, aids faster setup of adhoc networks, enables VR applications, connects more people with broadband data, auto-discovers and defines networks.


1. Features of 5G aiding mission critical communication

2. Use cases of MCC enabled through 5G

3. Architectural enhancements in 5G aiding faster turnaround time to aiding networks set-up

4. Value added applications that can be provided for MCC – enabled through 5G

5. Background on how 4G has contributed to MCC