Panel discussion: 5G network slicing

17 May 2018      13:30-14:15

Jurgen Rurainsky, Head of the international Standardisation Team, BDBOS; Erik Guttmann, 3GPP Service and System Aspects (SA) Chairman ; Dr Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, Chief Executive Officer, DFMG Deutsche Funkturm GmbH

With the rapid growth in application types, such as virtual and augmented reality, connected automotive and smart manufacturing, it becomes obvious that network operators cannot fulfil the diverse requirements in an economic way with one network. 5G networks will need to become smarter, more flexible and more tailored to vertical customers’ requirements.


1. 5G is not only about higher speeds, lower latencies, and new levels of reliability

2. It will enable new business models between operators and industry verticals

3. Network Slicing is key to meet the diverse requirements in an economic way

4. There have already been promising trials on Network Slicing