Towards open MCPTT ecosystems: the MCOP approach

16 May 2018      12:00-12:30

Dr Fidel Liberal, Coordinator of the Mission Critical Open Platform, MCOP

Although based on 3GPP standards, the MCPTT complex ecosystem brings new entry barriers due to the device’s architecture and proprietary interfaces.

The Mission Critical Open Platform is a project supported by the U.S. Department of Commerce and aims to provide the mission critical industry and stakeholders with neat open interfaces between different technologies in the devices.

MCOP will define APIs for mission critical apps, release a mission critical grade open source reference implementation of the MCPTT client and a public safety specific demo application for Android. It will also deploy and maintain on-site and online live publicly available testing platforms.


1. Why open APIs and interfaces are critical to developing and maintaining a robust and trustedmission critical communications environment

2. Why it is important for your organization to use open ecosystems

3. The objectives of the Mission Critical Open Platform (MCOP) project

4. How to build and test innovative mission critical Public Safety apps using MCOP

5. How to get involved in the MCOP initiative