Using IP networks as a secure platform for critical communications

16 May 2018      11:30-12:00

Peter Cox, CEO and Founder, UM Labs

The Internet dates back to the 1960s as a US government project to build resilient networks. The core protocols driving today's internet were designed to provide the level of resilience needed for government and military use. This coupled with near universal availability of internet connections (wired, WiFi, 4G etc) should make IP networks an ideal platform for critical communications. Unfortunately, today's Internet lacks the security needed for critical services. This session will show how UM Labs have managed the security challenge and can deliver real-time security services (voice, video and IM) enabling critical communications on IP networks.


1. How to deliver communication on IP networks with military grade security.

2. How the internet offers an ideal platform for critical communications.

3. How communication hubs can be set up quickly for short-term and emergency requirements.

4. How the internet offers a realistic and cost effective solution for all critical communications for government, military and commercial sectors.