Mission critical broadband, a win-win approach for CSPs, public safety agencies and governments

16 May 2018      11:30-12:00

Philippe Agard, Vice President, Public Safety and Defense Markets, Nokia

It is everyone’s interests to provide the right tools to the first responders as soon as possible to make their job easier and faster. It’s time for change. But what is the right strategy to adopt? This presentation highlights how LTE can serve the needs for secured and reliable broadband mission critical services. It explains to which extend partnering with CSPs which already deliver commercial LTE services can be an opportunity for the governments and public safety agencies. It also provides a view on 5G for critical communications, its timing and business models.


  1. Technical and business considerations for making the right strategy choices for mission critical broadband.
  2. The role CSPs can take and the key factors which influence the business case.
  3. The use cases and timing for 5G in the context of critical communications