Pushing the boundaries of innovation across transport, utilities and industry

15 May 2018      09:30-16:30

Robin Davis, Actica; Nick Smye, Mason Advisory

The non-public safety sectors, including but not limited to buses, trams, metros, trains, ports, airports, utilities remain one of the largest combined global markets for critical communications.

Critical communications users are facing unprecedented change, as the world is facing increased threats to its safety and security. Effective communications are absolutely crucial to support the work of all professionals around the world who do such a magnificent job in protecting citizens, critical infrastructure, and critical business processes.

This masterclass is focussed on sharing with interested attendees where pushing the boundaries of innovation have happened in the real world. Do you want to get more out of your PMR system? Do you want to migrate to broadband but not sure what else you could connect to it? Could your business benefit from the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution?

The masterclass leaders are made up of a number of thought leaders who have supported the deployment of both PMR and leading edge LTE services across a number of business critical industries using a mix of complementary technologies and initiatives. This masterclass will look at them all from IoT, to wireless sensors, enhancing TETRA for use with applications, manufacturing, SCADA Telemetry, autonomous vehicles and airport management.

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