Plenary Session

17 May 2018      09:00-10:30

Paving the way for a sustainable ecosystem of critical communications, Francois Rancy, Director, Radiocommunication Bureau ; Modernising the largest TETRA network, Thomas Scholle, Technology Director, BDBOS ; Critical communication in Norway from TETRA to commercial LTE:what is the best way forward?, Tor Helge Lyngstol, Norwegian Directorate of Civil Protection

The second full day of conference sessions will again begin with an address from the TCCA. This will be followed by speeches by Francois Rancy, Director of the ITU Radiocommunication Bureau and Tor Helge Lyngstol from the Norwegian Directorate of Civil Protection. The plenary session will close with a presentation on the work to modernise Germany’s TETRA network, which is the largest in the world.